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CTP Leader and the 2nd. President Mehmet Ali Talat stated that serious developments have been experienced in the Cyprus negotiations, especially regarding the Governance, Power Sharing, Economy and EU subjects.

Expressing that there is information pollution related to the negotiations, Talat said that the community is anxious about the negotiations due to this information pollution.

Stressing that the Cyprus problem is a problem of governance and power sharing, Talat said that the Cyprus problem has broken out due to intransigence on this issue and then the other problems have started.

Furthermore, adding that the Property Commission, which will be composed of an equal number of Turkish and Greek Cypriots as it was stated in the Annan plan, will give the final decision for abandoned properties, Talat said “The Greek Cypriot side accepted this. This is a very important development.  Criteria have not been discussed yet”.

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