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The Republican Turkish Party (CTP) leader Mehmet Ali Talat participated as a speaker in the conference entitled the “Cyprus Issue, Negotiations and the Latest Stage” which was hosted by the European Parliament, United Left Group and organized by the AKEL delegation in Brussels.

Describing the developments in the Cyprus issue starting from the early 2000s, Talat emphasized the importance of the agreement reached on the property issue stating that it will be solved by the property commission according to the certain criteria which will be determined in this new phase.

“The progress to be achieved in this issue will develop in parallel with the determination of the criteria” said Talat.  Indicating that it is now accepted by the vast majority of the people that the solution of the Cyprus issue will be for the benefit of both communities, Talat expressed that the common points are increasing with time and emphasized that as well as the administration, power sharing, economy and relations with the EU issues, some improvements also occurred on the property issue as well.

Talat said that only two important chapters remain, one of them is territory, that means map; and the other one is security and guarantees.

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