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According to the written statement of Communal Democracy Party (TDP), a delegation from TDP which consisted of TDP Leader Cemal Özyiğit, deputies Mehmet Çakıcı and Hüseyin Angolemli and Foreign Relations Secretary Deniz Birinci visited Greek Cypriot party AKEL yesterday.

The meeting which was held at AKEL headquarters in the South Nicosia continued about one hour. During the meeting the latest stage reached on the Cyprus problem and the negotiations which will resume on Friday was discussed and it was decided to establish a common working group to make contribution to the solution process.

In his statement to the press, TDP Leader Cemal Özyiğit stated that each day that passes without reaching a solution is to the disadvantage of all Cypriots. A solution to be reached will be to the advantage of all Cypriots.

Furthermore, in his speech, AKEL Secretary General Andros Kiprianou said that the negotiation process which will resume on Friday is very important for the future of Cyprus and everyone should spend intense efforts for both leaders’ reaching an agreement on Cyprus.

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