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The Greek Cypriot Administration said on Monday it would be willing to take in up to 300 migrants fleeing upheaval in the Middle East under new EU quotas, but would prefer them to be Christians.

The Greek Cypriot Interior Minister Socratis Hasikos said its size meant that its reception capacity was limited.

An EU source said on Monday that the EU executive had drawn up a new set of national quotas under which member states will take in a total of 160,000 asylum-seekers to be relocated from Italy, Greece and Hungary.

Hasikos, responsible for migration policy, told state radio: “We have already stated that 260, a maximum of 300, people can be taken in. Everyone (EU member states) should pitch in. “We would seek for them to be Orthodox Christians. it’s not an issue of being inhuman or not helping if we are called upon, but to be honest, yes, that’s what we would prefer.” Slovakia and the Czech Republic have also said they would prefer Christians under any EU resettlement scheme for migrants feeling the Middle East.

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