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17 Greek Cypriots, who were victims of the coup and found in a mass grave in South Cyprus a short time ago, were buried with a religious ceremony yesterday in the anniversary of the coup.

No political party authorities attended the ceremony organized for 17 people listed in the list of missing persons. Victims of the coup were buried by their families.

The anniversary of fascist Greek coup realized in Cyprus on 15th July 1974 was condemned with a series of activities in South Cyprus. A special session where the coup was condemned was made at Greek Cypriot House of the Representatives. Leader of Greek Cypriot administration Nikos Anastasiadis and some political party leaders made statements condemning the coup.

Leftist civilians and Greek Cypriot policemen were murdered during the coup made against the then leader of Greek Cypriot administration Makarios on 15th July 1974. Greek Cypriot administration added the names of those who were killed in the coup in the list of Missing Persons Committee as the missing persons.

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