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President of Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce (CTCC) Fikri Toros, published a new year message and recorded that TCCC will continue lobby activities for widening the scope of the Green Line Regulation so that it allows the crossing of commercial vehicles and processed food to South Cyprus.

Stating that Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce is spending efforts for solution of the Cyprus Problem and protecting the interests of the Turkish Cypriot people, Toros indicated that the Chamber also follows policies necessary for establishing a sustainable economic structure. Toros continued as:

“These efforts are not alternatives but activities complementing each other. We believe in the importance of establishing a constructive and reliable dialog based on the realities in Cyprus with all parties involved in the Cyprus problem mainly the Greek Cypriots. In addition to this, we believe that a self sufficient and strong Turkish Cypriot economy is a must for the peace and prosperity of the future generations and for the continuation of our interests in an agreement to be reached in the island. It is crystal clear that no policy will lead the community to prosperity and stability without featuring an economic mind. Therefore it is inevitable that Turkish Cypriot economy should attain a healthy and sustainable structure no matter the direction of the solution process.”

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