Evaluating the Turkey 2013 Progress Report and Enlargement Strategy Document prepared by the EU Commission and published on the 16th October, TR Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also touched upon the Cyprus issue on 19th October 2013.

It was expressed in the statement that as in previous years the Cyprus issue and within this context, the dispute which occurred due to the unilateral Greek Cypriot initiatives concerning hydrocarbon resources in Eastern Mediterranean were also mentioned in the Report with a one-sided perspective. The following evaluation was made about Cyprus in the statement:

“The constructive steps and initiatives of the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkey, as the guarantor state, taken so far towards a permanent settlement of the Cyprus issue based on the political equality of the two co-owner peoples and bi-zonality in the island are well known by the international community, especially by the UN. We maintain our consistent and result-oriented approach on this issue. In this period during which negotiations on the Cyprus Issue under the auspices of the UN are foreseen to start soon, we expect the EU to adopt an attitude to steer the Greek Cypriot Administration towards a comprehensive settlement seriously.”

Speaking at a television program related to the issue, TR Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu pointed out that in the published EU progress report there were biased and extremely unilateral judgments related to the Cyprus issue and recorded that even if  there were unilateral expressions related to some internal developments in Turkey, the report was positive in terms of speeding up the process.