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It has been claimed that the “red lines” of South Cyprus were violated in the EU-Turkey Summit joint declaration draft.  Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros reported that opening of 5 chapters which were frozen by South Cyprus unilaterally in 2009 took place at the EU-Turkey Summit joint declaration draft so red lines of South Cyprus were violated.  It was also reported that the Turkey-EU agreement was welcomed for completing preparation work towards opening the  15th Chapter (energy),  23rd Chapter (basic rights), 24th Chapter (justice), 26th  Chapter (education-culture) and 31st Chapter (foreign policy).  Fileleftheros also noted that South Cyprus knew the previous intention of Brussels that is why Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades gave instructions to the Greek Cypriot authorities and the EU Permanent Representative of South Cyprus.  Ambassador Kornilios Korniliu will express the thesis of South Cyprus at the COREPER meeting.

Furthermore, Fileleftheros reported that in the EU-Turkey Summit Joint Declaration Draft, initiatives have been made for giving 3 billion euros financial aid to Turkey for the refugee issue.   2 million 886 thousand 684 euros was requested by South Cyprus but it was refused.

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