Foreign Minister Emine Çolak spoke to BRT regarding her official contacts in Ankara, as well as the Cyprus negotiation process, stating “The support provided by Turkey is very strong because it wants a settlement. It is giving us a blank check of support. Turkey also supports this process and the political will to move the process forward. This support is a solution-oriented”.

Minister Çolak also assessed the positive atmosphere surrounding the Cyprus negotiations and stated that she finds the conduct of the negotiations, as well as the good willed approach to their method, both positive and encouraging.

Minister Çolak stated “This period is an opportunity. All relevant sides have put forward their positions in favour of a settlement.”

Minister Çolak pointed out that at the negotiations, first the issues on which progress is more likely to be achieved are taken up, and the critical issues of property, guarantees and territory will be discussed last. Assessing that the property issue of the most difficult one at the negotiations, Minister Çolak indicated that some critical components of the issue have begun to be discussed. Minister Çolak emphasized that the agreement to be reached on the property issue will also indicate the cost of a settlement.

Çolak stated “The agreement to be reached on the property issue will have a significant impact on the cost of a settlement. A settlement will come with a price. We must all brainstorm as to how this cost will be met. In order to resolve the controversies regarding property, restitution, exchange and compensation are being discussed. For years we had spoken of only of exchange. Even if not completely, it appears that the controversies will eventually be resolved mainly through compensation, and this means money”.

Pointing to the issue of guarantees, Minister Çolak stated that this issue involves all sides and that both communities must be able to feel safe in the event of a solution.

Çolak stated “The solution must be safe, fair and acceptable. It is a whole package.” Minister Çolak referred to the information technology cooperation protocol which was signed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey during her official visit to Ankara and indicated that the archives and documents of the Ministry will be transferred to an electronic system, adding that this will enable easier access by the foreign representation offices to the documents of the Ministry.