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Turkey report of the European Parliament was accepted by 375 votes, 133 refusals and 85 abstentions.

In the new Turkey report of the European Parliament (EP), it is stated that the Cyprus issue affected the relationship between Turkey and the EU. That’s why all parties were asked to strive towards a solution. By defending that Turkey should open her ports and airports to the Greek Cypriot side, it is claimed that this situation will significantly strengthen the membership negotiation process.

Turkey’s contribution to the solution process by withdrawing troops and giving Maraş to the UN was requested and also satisfaction was emphasized in the report regarding the development of the on-going negotiations.

In Turkey’s rapporteur of EP Kati Piri’s report, Turkey was praised due to its efforts regarding the refugees. In the report, it was mentioned that Turkey is the only country which hosted the most refugees in the world, offered great humanitarian contributions and granted work permits to Syrian refugees. It was also emphasized that Turkey is providing free health and education opportunities for the refugees and it was underlined that the agreement reached between the EU and Turkey decreased the number of illegal transitions sharply.

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