A Turkish Cypriot culture day has been organised in the Hungarian capital Budapest.

The event – which was held at the Yunus Emre Institute – was organised by the TRNC’s Representative Office in Budapest and the Mediterranean Centre for Strategic Studies. It was attended by Hungarian people, Turkish people living in Hungary and guests from Azerbaijan.

Among those who attended were the Turkish Ambassador to Budapest Şakir Fakılı, the Azerbaijani Ambassador to Budapest Vilayet Guliyev, the Acting Pakistani Ambassador and Marton Gyöngyösi, the Deputy Leader of the main opposition party at the Hungarian Parliament, Jobbik.

Speaking at the event, the TRNC Representative to Budapest Selda Çimen stated that they have been representing the TRNC in Hungary for 3 years and that they are happy with the goodwill from both the opposition parties and the party  in government, Fidesz.

The event which was accompanied by a promotional slideshow ended with the presentation of gifts, a folk dance show and a reception at which local delicacies that are important part of our culture were served to the guests.

Within the framework of the “1. Turkish Cypriot Culture Day “, a cultural event was organized by the TRNC’s Representative Office in Budapest for the Hungarian people and tourists on August 12, 2016, at the historical Petofi Square, one of the most touristic squares in Budapest.

The Academy Art Association’s folk dance team presented a show that lasted about an hour at the event. Brochures promoting the TRNC were distributed and local dishes were served to the guests.