“The fourth annual Turkish Cypriots Day” was celebrated in the US. Senior legislative staff of over 40 members of Congress attended the ceremony. Congressman Pete Sessions of Texas provided Rayburn House of Representatives building as the venue for Turkish Cypriots. İsmet Korukoğlu, Washington DC Representative of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus met with over 70 participants who visited through the day to learn about the history and culture of Turkish Cypriots. Turkish Ambassador Serdar Kılıç attended to show support for Turkish solidarity and the upcoming second attempt at Turkish-Greek reunification.

Assembly of Turkish American Associations Trustee Günay Evinch personally spoke with every participant who attended and said “We want people to know that there is another community on the island -Turkish Cypriots, who settled there long before Europeans settled in America”. Evinch also added “Turkish Cypriots want equal rights. They want respect for the diversity of the island”.