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Followers of Greece’s Neo –Nazi Golden Dawn and members of far right party ELAM in South Cyprus attacked Turkish Cypriots who crossed to South Cyprus.

Hundreds of ELAM members including students threw stones and firecrackers towards the TRNC from the border gates, damaged four vehicles of the Turkish Cypriots and two Turkish Cypriots were injured during the attacks.

One of the drivers, Merkan Numansoy, told that those who attacked them seemed to be students and a stone hit his chest during the attack. He also added that although the Greek police station was 100 meters away from them, the police did not take any precautions against the activists and the other two Turkish Cypriot vehicles were attacked twice.

Numansoy also added that when they went to the Greek Cypriot police station, to make a complaint, the police warned them, “it could be dangerous to cross over to South Cyprus from November 15 until November 20.”

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