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Regarding the attacked Turkish Cypriots by the followers of Greece’s Neo –Nazi Golden Dawn Party and members of far right wing party and racist Greek National People’s Front (ELAM) in South Cyprus, Greek Cypriot daily newspaper Haravgi reported in the headlines under the title “Neo-Fascism Re-Shoot” and stressed that Cyprus went back to the recent history on the previous day with the attacks on the Turkish Cypriots by the individual far-right Greek Cypriot student groups, in three different places in South Cyprus.”

It was reported that while aggressive students were attacking the Turkish Cypriots, they shouted “Turks, you will die in the Hellenic territory.”

Stating that there were three separate incidents in the Greek part of Lefkoşa, DİSİ youth wing NEDİSİ with cooperation of PSEM in the “Ay.Kasiano (school district), ELAM (Greek National People’s Front) in Ledra Palace and far right wing students (high school and university) at the end of Ledra Street (Lokmacı border gate), the newspaper pointed out that those who attacked the Turkish Cypriots were the participants of the protests that took place at the Lokmacı gate.

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