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Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned the arson attack on the historical Denia Mosque in South Cyprus.

In the statement given from the Turkish Foreign Ministry, it was expressed “We are deeply saddened and strongly condemn the arson attack perpetrated on February 21st against Denia Mosque, which is located in the Island of Cyprus and classified as cultural and historical heritage in need of protection”.

In the statement, it was also stressed that it is worrying that Denia Mosque was subjected for the second time to a villainous attack after it was attacked in January 2013 and restored by the efforts of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage. It was also emphasized that in the final phase of the comprehensive settlement process in Cyprus, such incidents should not be allowed to affect the existing positive atmosphere on the island.

It was also stressed that Turkey agrees with President Mustafa Akıncı’s call towards finding and punishing the perpetrators as soon as possible.

The statement continued as follows: “In this scope, we expect that a responsible attitude will be adopted to prevent the recurrence of such incidents damaging the environment of mutual trust between the two peoples, including the attacks against the Turkish Cypriots on 15 November 2015, and also expect the pursuit of justice with the necessary seriousness and sensitivity.”

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