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Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a written statement regarding “2014 Turkey Report” which was approved in the European Parliament yesterday.

The Resolution of the European Parliament (EP) regarding the European Commission’s 2014 Turkey Progress Report was adopted in the EP Plenary on 10 June 2015.

The EP resolution, which was drafted this year by Mrs.Kati Piri, Dutch member of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, confirmed that Turkey is a strategic partner of the EU with its role in cooperation in the fields of economy, energy security and foreign policy, as already indicated in the 2014 Enlargement Strategy of the European Commission.

We continuously express to the EU authorities that Turkey sees accession to the EU as a strategic choice and resolutely continues to work in the direction of full membership. In order to reinforce and encourage this resolute stance, we expect the European Parliament to be fair and objective in its resolutions on Turkey and to voice its criticism and expectations in a balanced manner.

However, the EP resolution, which contained a balanced and constructive critical tone in its first draft, has unfortunately been changed into a one-sided text far from being objective in the process of adoption by the EP Foreign Affairs Committee. This attitude continued in the plenary of the EP, and thus one of the most unfortunate resolutions on Turkey has been adopted by the EP. It is obvious that this Resolution will not contribute to our cooperation with the EP.

The frequency of the resolutions against Turkey and their content with prejudiced statements and criticism undermine our relations with the EP, which took office after the elections held in May 2014. They also aggravate concerns that the EP is unwilling to include Turkey in the EU project.

We do not accept this resolution and will return it to the EP as it contains unfounded allegations against our country in many fields.

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