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  “Visegrad 4” group which is composed of Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, applied to the EU Commission to get information about the Turkish Cypriot side’s supervising the Halloumi production prototype under the umbrella of Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce and separate from the Greek Cypriot side. These countries met with Action Group Head Bucci and wanted to have information about the ongoing process of fulfilling the demands of Turkish Cypriots about Halloumi. The meeting of ‘Visegrad 4’ countries took place several weeks after UK, Sweden and Finland’s attempt to EU Commission Agricultural Management about fulfilling the demands of Turkish Cypriots on Halloumi. In total, 7 EU member countries are in favor of fulfilling the demands of Turkish Cypriots. The UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor to Cyprus Espen Barth Eide and Bucci are considering the Halloumi issue as “Bi-communal”.

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