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President Özkan Yorgancıoğlu emphasized that the press has important duties in democratization and improvement of the country. Yorgancıoğlu stated in his message due to the world press freedom day that press has a great importance in every subject that the country needs such as researching, informing, elucidating, molding public opinion for the sake of community and country. Yorgancıoğlu said “I believe the important duties fall on the written and visual media organs which give reliable information and enlightens the people in achieving democratization and improvement of the country.”

Yorgancıoğlu stated that it is necessary to abide by the democratic rules, give an importance to ethic values and respect the human rights in the news.

At the end of his message; he said “I congratulate world press freedom day of the Turkish Cypriot press and all press members who perform their duties with difficulties and a great sacrifice.

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