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President Mustafa Akıncı said: “Turkish Cypriots consider their security as the continuation of Turkey’s guarantorship.

In his assessment to the Turkish News Agency Cyprus (TAK) regarding the issues of security and guarantees yesterday, Akıncı emphasized the importance of reaching a solution which will make the Turkish Cypriots feel safe on the issues of security and guarantees. Akıncı also expressed that the public demand the continuation of Turkey’s guarantorship, and this should be respected.

Furthermore, Akıncı pointed out that the issues of security and guarantee have been left to the end due to the fact that these issues concern the three guarantor states as much as the two communities in Cyprus. Stating that the changes which will not be approved by the guarantor countries couldn’t take place in a guarantee system, Akıncı said “Therefore, it is obvious that a quintet meeting will be necessary in the final stage”.

However Akıncı said “The most important thing is how to ensure the safety of the Turkish Cypriot people and this should be within the framework of their desire”.

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