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The “Election and Referendum (Amendment) Law” which was unanimously accepted by the General Council of the Republican Assembly yesterday, contains fundamental changes that shapes the country’s politics.

TRNC still has 5 electoral districts, however, when the law is signed by the President and published in the Official Gazette there will be one electoral district and open list application will be used for the deputy candidates.

After the law is enforced, electorates will not only vote for the deputies in their districts but also it will be effective in the determination of all of the 50 deputies.

TRNC has 5 electoral districts and in the 50 seat TRNC Assembly, there are 16 deputies from Lefkoşa, 13 deputies from Gazimağusa, 10 deputies from Girne, 6 deputies from Güzelyurt and 5 deputies from İskele.

If voters want to use their votes as mixed, they will be able to use this right for a minimum of 24 and a maximum of 50 candidates, and they will be obliged to vote for at least half of the candidates from each district. The mixed votes will be used between at least two political party candidates and/or at least one political party candidates and independent candidates

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