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The General Council of the Republican Assembly convened today with the aim of a vote of confidence for the new government.

The new UBP-DP Coalition Government which is established under the Prime Ministry of the UBP leader Hüseyin Özgürgün received the vote of confidence from the General Council of the Republican Assembly.

At the conducted open vote, 27 deputies gave an affirmative vote and 22 deputies gave a dissention vote. TDP deputy Zeki Çeler did not participate in the voting.  18 deputies of UBP, 5 deputies of DP and 4 independent deputies used votes in countenance of the new government.

According to the internal regulation of the Assembly, the government received a vote of confidence since the affirmative votes were more than the dissention votes.

Following the declaration of the result of the vote of confidence, Prime Minister Özgürgün made a speech of thanks. Özgürgün said that they will use the period until the elections to produce services in accordance with the expectations of the people and working in cooperation with the Assembly will be their priority.

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