The words of the Archbishop is the clear reflection of a medieval mentality

To be disturbed by reciprocal visits and economic relations is intolerance

Economic and commercial activities should increase


We regret the statements made by Archbishop Chrysostomos to the Greek Cypriots on the occasion of Easter celebrations, one of the most significant days for Christianity. His words are a clear reflection of a medieval approach and mentality. The statements he made unfortunately reveal in the most explicit manner that there has not been the slightest improvement in the Greek Cypriot Orthodox Church’s racist, primitive and intolerant stance.


In his statements, the Archbishop did not hesitate to express a Middle Age mentality, which characterized Greek Cypriots who are shopping in our country and prefer to use Ercan Airport for their journeys as communities whose “national” and “religious” values have both suffered from erosion. The most important factor that would create an environment of trust between the two Peoples on this island is the fact that the two parties deepen their relations and cooperation especially in the fields of trade, economy and tourism.


At this juncture, we would like to call once more upon the Greek Cypriot administration to condemn these statements, which have already led to a lack of trust between the two parties, and give a message to the Greek Cypriot community emphasizing the importance of peaceful co-operation, rather than remarks sowing discord between the two Peoples. The mutual increase of crossings between the two sides and the enlargement and liberalization of the scope of economic and trade relations and activities is what we really need on this island, since they will create a mutual economic interdependence.