East-Med gas pipeline project signed by the Greek Cypriot administration, Greece and Israel is a new example of the hostile and provocative attempt aiming to exclude Turkish Cypriot people and Turkey from the energy equation in the region. Concerning such activities, the attitude and intention rather than economic considerations are more important. The Greek Cypriot administration’s attempts to constantly exclude and isolate the Turkish Cypriot people in all fields of life and its denial of the Turkish Cypriot people’s right of say in the decisions regarding the future of the island are outpourings of the Greek Cypriot side’s ego-centric mentality which sees itself as the sole decision making authority in Cyprus.


Statements of Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades demonstrate, yet again, his real intentions. The intention of the Greek Cypriot leadership is to act as the sole authority on the entire island in disregard of the Turkish Cypriot people. The actions of the Greek Cypriot leadership put forth its insincerity regarding the settlement of the Cyprus problem and, in fact, show clearly that it is utilizing the negotiations and all the process within negotiations as a screen to hide its insincerity about a negotiated settlement. The Greek Cypriot leadership which does not regard the Turkish Cypriot people as its equal partner and attempt to defer their rights after a settlement, which itself is preventing, should bear in mind that the Turkish Cypriot people will not compromise on its equality, sovereignty and rights or bow down to those who disregard these.

The Greek Cypriot side should acknowledge that the Turkish Cypriot people will never give up its sovereignty. The Greek Cypriot leadership should understand that the island of Cyprus is not a Greek island and the Turkish Cypriot people are not represented by the Greek Cypriot side. As it is clearly stated in many Cyprus settlement plans, sovereignty emanates equally from both peoples of the island and that it cannot be used unilaterally by one of the sides.


2000-kilometer-long East-Med gas pipeline project, signed by the Greek Cypriot administration, Greece and Israel, which will cost over 10 billion Euro, cannot go beyond creating impressions. This agreement is a new effort by the Greek Cypriot leadership to escalate the tension both on the island and in the region. In fact this project is criticized and labelled as a “fantasy” project even by the Greek Cypriot political parties. The Greek Cypriot leadership’s mentality shows that it has no intention of deescalating the tension on the island and the region, or to cooperate. Instead the said administration is acting in delusion basing its actions on the wrong assumption that it would create a balance of power.

Our statement regarding the Greek Cypriot leadership’s unwillingness to share power and prosperity totally echoes this mentality of the said leadership. This mentality, in an attempt to create wrong perceptions and score political points, will not hesitate to escalate the tension both on the island and in the region. We will stand up to these provocations and continue our efforts for a stable region and cooperation. We reiterate that the Turkish Cypriot people will neither give up on its quest for cooperation nor compromise on its rights and sovereignty. Our call to the relevant parties and the international community is for them to stress the necessity for cooperation and even take steps in order to initiate cooperation for the sake of stability in the region which is already fragile.