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President Mustafa Akıncı addressed German Federal Parliament’s Committee on Relations with Europe and said that first of all, the walls in brains should be destroyed in order to reach a solution in the island.

Akıncı had a meeting with the members of German Federal Parliament’s Committee on Relations with Europe at Federal German Parliament Building. In his speech, Akıncı pointed out that a solution to be reached in the island will develop the relations between the countries.

Furthermore, expressing the progress and the difficulties experienced at the negotiations, Akıncı informed about the confidence building measures. Adding that Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots have been grown up as the enemies, Akıncı said “When I took over my office, I expressed that we should consider ourselves as partners not as enemies.”  

“You have succeeded to destroy the Berlin Wall 27 years ago. We voted “yes” at the referendum held in 2004 but due to the “no” votes of the Greek Cypriots, we could not succeed to destroy the wall in Lefkoşa. What we need is to destroy the walls in brains. If we do it, it will be easy to destroy the psychical walls” President Akıncı added.

German Parliamentarian Greens Party member Manuel Sarazzin expressed that the attitudes of the leaders give hope for a solution but in case of missing this opportunity, the opportunity for a solution will be destroyed.

The Chairman of the Committee Gunther Krichbaum expressed his hope for the continuation of the works and said that they support the solution process. 

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