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Regarding the attacks in South Cyprus directed at Turkish Cypriots

Attacks directed at Turkish Cypriots in the Greek Cypriot administration of Southern Cyprus are, lately, on the rise and are increasingly becoming normalized. In South Cyprus, where similar incidents have occurred many times in the past, a Turkish Cypriot’s vehicle was attacked and damaged once again. We condemn this dreadful attack and invite the Greek [...]

Regarding the Natural Resources in the Eastern Mediterranean

The natural resources in the Eastern Mediterranean provide a potential for cooperation not only between the two sides on the Island, but also among other actors in the region, while at the same time providing a potential for economic interdependence that would serve regional stability. The Greek Cypriot leadership, however, has opted to turn this [...]

Regarding the continuation of the unilateral activities in the international arena of the Greek Cypriot administration

We are witnessing a continuation of the unilateral activities in the international arena of the Greek Cypriot administration, under the title of “Republic of Cyprus” which it has usurped since 1963.  The latest example of these activities is the preliminary approval of the European Union (EU) to contribute 101 million Euros towards infrastructure works for [...]

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Ertuğruloğlu: “We will continue to exist in Cyprus”

“We exist in Cyprus today and our existence will continue,” Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu stated, following a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Akdağ in Ankara yesterday. During the meeting, Minister Ertuğruloğlu and the Deputy Prime Minister discussed the Cyprus issue, and the forthcoming elections that are approaching in both the TRNC and [...]

Ertuğruloğlu: “A new process can only begin if two sovereign and equal states sit at the negotiating table”

Responding to questions during a TV interview, TRNC Foreign Minister Ertuğruloğlu stated that partnership with the Greek Cypriot side is not the single option for the Turkish Cypriot people and added that “Negotiations which continued for 50 years and ended in failure cannot be resumed after the Greek Cypriot presidential elections. A new process can only [...]

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